I've had great examples in my life, made my fair share of mistakes, and a few near-death experiences. I've been fortunate to survive a horrifying car accident and severe gunshot wound that grazed my spine. These events have given me a broader perspective on life.

The most influential person in my life has been my father Ulysses Tuff, a man who has dedicated his life to others. A great husband, father, pastor, and Apostle; his missionary work spanned globally to places such as Egypt, Australia, Great Britain, Africa, and Russia, to name a few. He inspired my missionary work in Mexico and the Philippines with the 
Giver of Life Educational Institutions, Inc.

After the sudden loss of my younger brother to a heart attack, I became an Ambassador for the American Heart Association. It has been my mission to bring awareness to heart disease and I participate in the annual Heart Walk in his memory. My WHY is to "Be the Change" for myself and others to positively impact lives.

"Rather than being a human, be a humanitarian." -Kowtham Kumar K