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Things I Like 3-D is a reversible book that comes with 3-D glasses. After reading it with your 3-D glasses, flip it over and read it without them. Things I Like 3-D allows kids to explore the fun and colorful world of imagination. It has a simple sentence structure that offers a child friendly method to encourage children to read!





Thank you for coming to visit our children. They were really excited and are enjoying the E-Book.
Mrs. Martha, KinderCare



I purchased Things  I Like 3-D for my 1 year old and I am amazed at the results.  My daughter was able to look at the

pictures and listen to the sounds and associate them with is AMAZING!!! My child is reading at 1!!! 
Patricia Dawson, Mother


Things I Like 3-D heralds a new era  in children's literature. This book is an adventure for children that makes learning fun! The vivid colors coupled with stimulating language spark the interest while introducing vocabulary that is developmentally appropriate. I recommend it to parents and educators who are searching for innovative ways to keep learning alive in this increasingly technological environment.
Carol Rountree, Ed. D., Executive Director of Student Services
Richmond County School System


Things I Like 3-D is a captivating, colorful and appealing book to young readers. The content reinforces beginning reading skills for ages 3 to 6 yrs and it is fun and easy to read. The 3-D effects and audio CD would stimulate a child's imagination. This is a refreshing twist to children's literature. As a retired elementary school administrator, I believe this book would be an asset to any early childhood reading program.

Cynthia Dunn - Former DeKalb County Schools Principal

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