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Forrest has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as a businessman and leader. He has focused his efforts on being a person of character and integrity while providing excellent customer service as a business owner.



Forrest has spearheaded many successful media campaigns for various corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations receiving Aurora, dotCOMM, Hermes, Marcom, Stevie, Telly, and Viddy Awards.

Forrest believes in giving back and considers it a blessing to help others. He feels that happiness, lower stress levels, less depression & anxiety, and improved self-esteem are also benefits of philanthropy and volunteerism.

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Forrest enjoys creating projects that entertain teach, and inspire. He believes when you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. His work can be found on IMDb, the world's official site for the film and TV industry.

Forrest uses his voice to empower and encourage others. He has experienced the ups and downs of life and survived to tell the stories. Sometimes humorous, other times introspective or motivational, his talks leave audiences inspired.

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Inspiring Speaker Award
Before becoming a businessman, Forrest had a promising career in sports. He achieved many milestones, including playing basketball at the college Division I level. So, take a peek into the life of a former top-tier athlete.
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