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Jackpot "Short Film" Wins at Film Festivals

Wednesday May 3, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

What started out as a conversation between colleagues turned into an award winning short film! JACKPOT, written and directed by Ku Diggs (CEO, Crown Jewelz Films) is a timeless story of two women dealing with the harsh realities of living on the streets after losing everything. However, with persistence, hope, and good fortune, their lives may be changed forever. Forrest Tuff, (Filmpreneur® & CEO, One Vision Productions) completes the team up as the producer and creative force behind the film.

The collaborative business venture between One Vision Productions and Crown Jewelz Films is an effort to pool their resources on a short project and later expand it into a feature film. They both serve as executive producers on the film.

"Producing an independent film, whether it is a short or feature, has a lot of moving parts and can be time consuming and expensive, says Tuff." It's great when like-minded film professionals can collaborate and divide the responsibilities." 

They were able to assemble an accomplished and seasoned team with industry experts such as Casting Director Balinda Michaels, Set Designer Alvin Eric, and Actresses Cindy Jefferson and Yvonne Ward.

Writer and Director Ku Diggs says, "I attempt to provide an introspective look at characters that you may judge in real life. The greatest feeling for me is to allow people to watch a film and walk away saying, “I learned something.

Jackpot is currently on the film festival circuit and has been recognized in several categories to include directing, acting, cinematography, and poster design. With a feature script already completed, they are formulating a pitch deck to shop the project in the near future. Diggs says, "I believe people like to see themselves in the characters that are created in films" while Tuff says, "I just want to create projects that entertain, teach, and inspire." Sufficed to say, they are both excited about the collaborative journey and the potential possibilities of the film. 

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